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Surfing Baleal...

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Baleal is a small surfers village in the middle of beautiful coastal nature. In Baleal you find around 6 surf spots within walking distance, and about 8 more within 10 minutes drive.


Peniche is located 5 km south of Baleal and is a bigger fisherman village with the world famous wave – Supertubos. Which is one of the waves in the World Surf League (WSL, previous ASP World Tour). Some people call this wave Europe’s ”pipeline”.


No matter what the conditions are - we have a wave

- Almost every day!!

Because: The shape of the Balaia peninsula (Baleal), with the big bay connecting Baleal with the Peniche peninsula, together with the big open Atlantic coast south of Peniche and North of Baleal offers both protected and exposed areas which makes this place one of Europe’s top best surfing destinations.

Beach breaks, reefs, point breaks, lefts, rights, beginner waves, top class waves, this area has it all and will satisfy any surfer of any level.


All year around the swell is consistent. During the summer Baleal and Peniche are quite busy, and the swell a bit smaller. During the winter the number of people drop together with the temperature but the size of the waves and consistency grows – Perfect for the surfer who wants calm days, empty spots and quality waves. Spring and Autumn is the ideal time to come here for surfing. Most often good weather, good temperature, not much crowd, good swell and cool vibe in the village.  




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