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To practice yoga as a complement to surfing is very beneficial in many ways. You work your balance, your breathing, your focus on the moment, your flexibility...

- which are all very important elements in surfing. Also many of the musles we use when practicing yoga are the same as when surfing, which makes yoga a good option for strength training as well.  


With Yoga Center Peniche (in the studio on top of Drop Surf Center) you can give it a try and see how it helps you become a stronger, smoother and more focused surfer. The classes are adjusted to fit everyone from beginner to advanced and last for a little over one hour.  


See the schedule and get the contacts from Yoga Center Peniche



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When you need to relax your tired surfing muscles or just want to treat yourself something extra, massage could be an option:


Thai Massage - Ayurvedic Massage - Sport Massage

Indian Head Massage - Classic oil massage


We also offer Reiki and Reflexology


Call Sabina: +351961410293, email: [email protected], or come in to us in Drop Surf Center to book.

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