Group and private Surf Classes

If you want to learn to surf OR to progress your surfing abilities to the next level, then you're in the right place. 
We offer a range of classes to suit all ages and abilities. From beginner group sessions to intensive, one-on-one training 
for those who want to push their surfing to a new level in a short space of time. 
We have lots of experience and love working with children. We build skills and confidence with children from the ages of 6 or 7 and have all the right equipment, wetsuits and surfboards to get these new little surfers up and riding.

We generally have 2 surf classes per day, or more, that are arranged by surfing ability levels in small groups, in the morning 
and the afternoon. When booking a surf class with us it's best if you can let us know what your level of surf is 
so that we can make sure you have a great experience with us!

Surf Equipment

With a wide range of current boards and wetsuits in all sizes, we can ensure that you get the best equipment to assist your surfing adventure. You just want to rent a board or wetsuit to go for a surf on your own? No problem. Just let us know, for how many days you'll need our equipment and profit from our favourable package prices. 

Staying safe in the ocean

Ocean awareness and surf safety are our highest priorities which our instructors will ensure you become well trained in. You have no experience? Relax ... from the most beginner learn to surf level, we’ll have you riding waves enjoying the time of your life!

Surf Class Pricing

Group Classes

  • 1 x class €40
  • 3 x class €110
  • 5 x class €170
  • 10 x class €300
  • Day pack (2 x surf class same day + vegan lunch) €75

Private Classes

These classes can be 1 on 1 or for a a specific private group. The class will be focussed on you or your groups specific needs. This classes are focussed and designed to accelerate your surfing ability to the maximum!

1 to 1 €80 

(for larger than 1 to 1 please contact us)

Rental Pricing