Surf everyday

Want to learn to surf? Well look no further you are in the right place!
At Drop Surf Center we are passionate about "making surfers" so that you can learn this amazing sport and be safe doing it! We cover all the bases, the environment, ocean knowledge, weather and forecasting, surfing safety knowledge, surf theory, much more and of course the practical part. We generally have 2 surf classes per day, or more, that are arranged by abilities in small groups. We have loads of experience with children and families so why not make this a fun family adventure! When booking a surf class with us it's best if you can let us know what your level of surf is so that we can make sure you have a great experience with us!

Choose your surf level

  • You have never surfed before – Complete Beginner (CB); 
  • You have done 1–3 classes before – Beginner Intermediate (BI)
  • You're able to stand up, still riding soft board and foam waves – Beginner Intermediate (BI)
  • You're able to stand up and are learning to turn, also still on soft board but starting to go for green waves – Beginner Advanced (BA)
  • You're starting to change to a hard board, riding green waves and learning to turn – Intermediate (I)
  • You're on a hard board, can get to the back of the line-up, catch green waves on your own and can turn – Intermediate Advanced (IA)

Our location

We have surf spots for every ability, age and weather condition! A north coast, west coast and south coast. Beach breaks, point breaks and reef breaks. This means that you can surf practically every day no matter what your current level of surf is.