Frequently Asked Questions?

How many people are in 1 surf class?
Approximately 5 per instructor.

How much time in advance do I need to book surf classes, massage and yoga?
The best is a day in advance or longer, same day is possible it's just a bit tricky.

What payment methods are possible?
Cash, transfer and Paypal - you can also book via our website with credit card.

What is required for equipment rental deposit?
€150 per board and wetsuit, larger groups can contact us to discuss.

If we are one group can we have different levels?
Yes this is possible.

What is the minimum age for surf classes, yoga and massage?
Surf 6-7 years ~ Yoga 16+ ~ Massage 12+

What do we need to bring with for a surf class?
Towel, water, snack, boxers or swimsuit for under the wetsuit and passport number.

Can I wear my glasses for the surf class?
No it's not possible to wear glasses whilst surfing.

What time do I need to arrive at Drop Surf Center for the surf class?
At the time of the class. You will get your wetsuit and change into it, get your board, leave all your personal items at Drop Surf Center and leave on foot with the coach to the beach.

Can I change the date and time of my bookings?
Yes this is possible as long as we know at least 24 hours before the class.

Which months of the year are you open?
We are open from March to December.

How do we get to the surf spot?

Can we rent equipment if we have never surfed before?
Yes this is possible but it's dangerous and not recommended.

What is surf yoga?
It is normal yoga but postures are chosen to help with the hips, lower back, shoulders and neck.

Where can I find the best surf coaching in Baleal, Peniche, Portugal?
We are happy to offer you high performance and intensive surf coaching in three, five or seven days-packages with our surf coach Nelson.